Belgorod, Russia. 4 min video. Short tour through the city center. 

Belgorod, Russia. 4 min. video. Short tour through the city center.

May 6, 2017.

Video taken with SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 ZOOM.

Video: Alex Markovich.

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Photo of the Day #3

Photo: Alex Markovich.

Rural Russia.


Travel to Russia

An abstract from the interview of Alex Markovich for “Radio of Russia”. September 2015.

Elena Ovcharenko: As far as I am concerned your “Travel to Russia” project is being developed for years. Will it have a final official launch? I mean a special site, social networks accounts, advertising campaign online and offline.

Alex Markovich: I tried many variants, but decided to stay within one site. “Travel to Russia” project is located on my artistic blog with a simple title “Photo Art”. Why within this blog? It has already acquired an interested audience. It’s much easier to promote something which has an established following and reputation. There will be no official launch. First of all I would like to concentrate on the visitors who are already in Russia: those who came on business trips, or visiting their friends or relatives.

Elena Ovcharenko: OK. If somebody agrees to use your services, what do you offer?

Alex Markovich: I would like to make it very clear – I do not offer any services as a tour guide or an interpreter. I wrote an article “Photo story of your travels” where I explain that my services are based on documenting the visitors’ time spent here in Russia. I take photos of them within the context of their environment. Here is an example. A husband and a wife come to Russia. Of course they have got their own cameras. But I am sure they would like to bring back home lots of pictures of them being on photos TOGETHER. And more than that – in a natural environment: at the cafes, exhibitions, walking in the streets, feeding the pigeons, etc.

Elena Ovcharenko: Will you offer the visitors any routes or just follow where they go?

Alex Markovich: I prefer rural areas, but I believe for a person, who comes to Russia everything is a potential interest. I can offer them a visit to St Petersburg, The Golden Ring of Russia, and of course to spend a couple of days in picturesque places at the lake, pond, forest, etc. Photos are the main impressions people can share with their friends and relatives after their return. I will follow them wherever they go; but, in addition, I can recommend and advise many destinations in Russia, based on my own first hand experiences as well as feedback from many a satisfied former customer. I have traveled the length and breadth of my Motherland, and over the years have developed an instinct of sorts for people’s photographic preferences.


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On the photo: The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin on the Nerl River. Vladimir, Russia. October 2014.